< eco Roadshow New gTLDs in September, 2011 - Berlin & Cologne
01.09.2011 11:11 Age: 7 yrs
By: ph

registry.net on eco roadshow in Berlin

Huge interest for „new market opportunities and marketing with new TLDs“

The German Association of the Internet Industry eco has invited to a series of events about the introduction of new top level domains. At the first event in Berlin on September 1st, 2011, several presentations from registry service providers highlighted the opportunities of new TLDs and explained ICANN's application process.  

In addition to Afilias, eco has invited registry.net as provider for registry services to talk about the opportunities from which companies and brands can benefit as new TLDs are introcuded. Peter Hupfauer, managing director of registry.net, outlined how new TLDs can be used in the future for coporate communications and marketing and how this extends what is possible today.

„The revolution is that companies and brands can now build their own 'district' within the Internet which includes that they are the 'landlord' and therefore can determine who lives there, how the rules look like and also immediately can act if  anything negative is happening“, explains Hupfauer. „New domain suffixes can be established to represent dedicated issues, communities or offers, and can threrfore easily be recognized by Internet users."

When used for communication, the new TLDs provide companies and brands with a „pole position“ at the end of the Internet address without having to subordinate them to the usual TLDs like .COM or .DE. „The brand is at the end of every URL and also severs as a concise conclusion and quality seal for email addresses“, says Hupfauer.