15.08.2011 13:46 Age: 7 yrs
By: ph

registry.net GmbH enters market as service provider for new TLDs

InterNetWire has established new subsidiary for the operation of new top level domains.

Since August 2011, the recently established subsidiary registry.net GmbH belongs to the InterNetWire group of companies. Registry.net specializes in the technical operation of new top level domains (TLD), for which companies can apply at ICANN from 12 January 2012. The operator of a new TLD can entrust registry.net with the technical operation and operative services, which a registry has to provide either for the public or for ICANN.

„We have launched the project registry backend services years ago. As the new gTLD program has been approved by ICANN this summer, the business unit registry services has been transformed into a dedicated subsidiary“, explains managing director Peter Hupfauer.

InterNetWire is one of the 50 biggest ICANN accredited registrars worldwide and one of the ten largest DENIC members. With its domain management system PartnerGate, the InterNetWire group of companies manages more than 800,000 domains on behalf of bulk registrants like ISPs, web hosting companies and large corporations.

„Already a couple of years ago, we noticed the importance of outsourcing the technical operation of our customer's accreditations: numerous ISPs and web hosting companies trust our technology when registering domains with their own accreditations at registries like DENIC. Registry services as „managed service“ offer even a higher potential for efficiency as ICANN's technical requirements for registries are very demanding“, explains Hupfauer. „We also offer our support for the ICANN application itself: Thanks to our extensive professional network throughout the domain industry, we can ask experts to join the project team.“