ICANN Application

The ICANN application process can be a lengthy and complicated matter. This is not simply a concern for the IT department, but should involve a team of professionals covering legal, marketing, IT and Operational concerns.

registry.net has the understanding of all business areas to confidently assist you through the application process to the management of your domain names.

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registry.net is ready to learn more about your project and help you with the organisation. We will discuss with you what is needed, what type of internal support team should be in place, and which action items are most important to make your application complete and ready for submission.

registry.net will be with you through the entire process and begin the discussion of what happens after your gTLD is in place and how best to manage from an IT and Operational perspective.

The Application Process

ICANN was accepting applications according to the New gTLD Program during the first application window from January through April, 2012. Applicants had to follow the New gTLD Applicant Guidebook strictly.

In 2013 and 2014 most applications will be completed. It's not known when the next application window will open.

The application process consists of of four main parts:

•    Application Submission Period
•    Administrative Completeness Check
•    Initial Evaluation
•    Transition to Delegation

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