TLD Marketing

New gTLDs may appear in any form, from generic terms (.sport) to specific trademarked corporate brands (.burgerking). Approved applicants operating the new gTLDs will manage the gTLDs as domain name registrars, just as registries today manage the .com extension and other existing gTLDs.

Opening the door to a whole new dimension for ownership of domain names within the gTLD. Consider one potential concept that can make ownership of a domain available to the public or possibly define ownership specifically to a company or members of an interest group. works with Brands, companies and organisations to help coordinate the internal processes and marketing activities to successfully launch and run their TLD.

Registrar Services GmbH offers a registrar system as a managed service, to help TLD operators ensure that their domain names can be registered in conformity with ICANN regulations. More

Shop system for Domains

The Domain Shop is a white-label solution that enables the operator to maintain a website for marketing domains with their own specific look and feel. More