Registrar System for New Top Level Domains

The regulations of ICANN stipulate that a new gTLD registry is not allowed to implement registration orders directly, since they must be initiated via an ICANN-accredited registrar. Thus, every TLD operator does not only need a registry service provider (RSP) but also at least one ICANN-accredited registrar for their TLD to make the TLD's domain names registrable.

This is why GmbH offers a registrar system as a managed service, to help TLD operators ensure that their domain names can be registered in conformity with ICANN regulations.

Being a member of the ICANN-accredited InterNetWire Group, too can assume the role of a TLD registrar. The registrar system provides a user-friendly web interface and is equipped with an EPP-standardised (Extensible Provisioning Protocol) registry interface and therefore principally compatible with any new gTLD registry.

Reseller and client compatible

Our registrar system is reseller and client compatible. In company and brand TLDs, customers may set up sub-accounts for departments, branches or partner companies, so that they can independently register and administer domain names via an utterly user-friendly web interface. General overview and control always remain with the company.

SOAP XML interface

Besides the web interface, the registry system also provides of a SOAP interface. With this API, domain resellers like registrars, web hosters or ISPs are able to carry out registrations and administer their entire domain name portfolio via their own systems. The SOAP interface may also be used to set up a connection to an end customer's web portal for direct online sale of domains. For datails see Domain Shop.


The benefits of at a glance


•    ICANN-compliant registrar system as managed service (data security, data escrow, etc.)
•    User-friendly web interface for domain name registration and management
•    Reseller and client enabled (for departments, branches, etc.)
•    SOAP interface
•    Optional: additional TLD portfolio of more than 300 domain endings


•    Domain support for resellers
•    TLD accreditation as registrar on behalf of the customer


•    ICANN accreditation consultancy
•    TLD marketing consultancy

TLD Marketing works with Brands, companies and organisations to help coordinate the internal processes and marketing activities to successfully launch and run their TLD. More

Group of companies belongs to the InterNetWire group of companies:

InterNetWire Communications GmbH

PartnerGate GmbH (domain reseller)

RegistryGate GmbH (ICANN registrar)