Our Registry Services

Our registry system provides a user friendly domain name registration and management of domain names for operators of top level domains like: “.BRAND” or “.COMPANY”. Operators can manage their entire domain name portfolio of gTLDs and ccTLDs within the same system.

registry.net is a single source for:

  • Providing for and management of the registration system
  • Reflected system at two locations with Failover Function
  • Availability in accordance with ICANN requests
  • “Best Practices” system and data security
  • Registry-dates-Escrow in accordance with ICANN levies

Registry Services "Made in Germany"

You may or may not have given it thought, but where your data sits and how it’s handled is as important as how and by whom it’s being seen. While some other registry service provider preserve data overseas, registry.net maintains information and data in Germany.


registry.net has the understanding of all business areas to confidently assist you through the ICANN application process to the management of your domain names. More

Registrar Services

registry.net GmbH offers a registrar system as a managed service, to help TLD operators ensure that their domain names can be registered in conformity with ICANN regulations. More