Operational Services

Depending on your TLD, you may need ongoing support with operations and management. registry.net can help companies and organizations requiring reporting, registrar accreditation and domain name support.

•    ICANN operations and reporting

Companies choosing to run their own registries should be aware that they will have to provide ICANN with a standardised set of reports concerning the domain development of your “zone“ and provide a designated contact for operational ICANN issues like e.g. policies infringements or disputes.

•    Registrar support for registrars accredited for your TLD

When offering domain registrations to the public by registrars, it is imperative to make sure that a flexible and attentive registrar support system is available to help your accredited registrars bring your TLD offerings to a wider audience.

•    Registry operations supporting domain name owner

Finally, be sure to have the proper amount of resources on hand. Registry providers are obligated to provide support to domain owners if they are not the sole owners of that TLD. registry.net offers full operational services to make sure that you reach all the necessary criteria for running a registry. Contact your registry.net representative today.

TLD Marketing

registry.net works with Brands, companies and organisations to help coordinate the internal processes and marketing activities to successfully launch and run their TLD. More

Solutions for domain marketing

registry.net GmbH offers a registrar system as a managed service. And beyond that registry.net provides a Domain Shop which is a white-label solution that enables the operator to maintain a website for marketing domains with their own specific look and feel. More